We are doing Designing of Drip and Sprinklers irrigation systems

Abdulaziz Momba

Young irrigation engineer - Twenty Acres Farms Initiator

•Specialized in Irrigation and Water Resource Engineering (Sokoine University of Agriculture)
•Good leader to accelerate growth and impacts
•My goal is to use my skills to contribute to communities’ food security through increasing farm productivity, maximizing yield, and efficiently using water.
•Set myself as an example to encourage youth to get involved in agriculture.

Abdulaziz Momba is well involved in various project since he was in second year at Sokoine University of Agriculture, His graduation will be in August 202. Bellow are the list of project he has worked in various part of Tanzania.

Site engineer, Sokoine University of agriculture.
Project:  Rehabilitation of fish ponds and irrigation systems)         July 2020 – October 2020
  • Designed and installed dam liner in fish ponds
  • Led the team on installation and repairing of irrigation systems at SUA Modal farm and Horticulture unity farms
  • Designed and setup of seedbeds for transplanting crops
  • Prepared a bill of quantity (BOQ) for one to five acre of land ready to install drip irrigation system
Site Engineer, Holly Green Agric Group Ltd.
Project: Ilandutwa dairy farm and Design and Construction of 50 Screen house at PASS (Private Agriculture Sector Support Trust) and AIC (Agriculture Innovation Centre)                                                                                                 May 2020 – Jul 2020
  • Designed and the installation of drip irrigation systems inside 50 screen house and open fields
  • Installation of sprinklers irrigation systems on 80 hectors of land, it involved excavation of trench of 2Km and pipe installation from the water source (Dam) to the field.
  • Prepared a site layout for the installation of 50 screen houses
  • Designed and the installation of 50 screen houses main line pipe for water supply
Technician, Tukuyu Urban Water Supply and Sanitation (Tuwasa), Mbeya July 2019 – September 2019
  • Performed maintenance and repair of water supply systems in more than five zonal around Tukuyu District at Mbeya region.
  • Surveyed water resources and catchments and water reservoirs including dams and water tanks.
  • Surveyed and designed of furrow irrigation systems using AUTOCAD Software.
  • Designed of water storage tanks.
Site engineer at Mkuranga Orphanage center                                                                                                                       December - 2020- January 2021
Project: Designing and installation of Hydroponic systems inside the screen house.                  
  • Designed and installation greenhouse with the system of hydroponic inside
  • Led the team from workshop fabrication and transport of structures until to the site.
Craftsman, Vocational Education and Training Authority (Veta Tanzania), Mbeya                    July 2018 - September 2018                   
  • Performed Plumbing, electrical, Masson and welding.
Young reporter Scheme (South London)             July 2013-July2014
  • Correspondent reporter from East Africa on social issues. Read more on the link below
Young Reporter Scheme Recruits Two Students from Africa


"The future millionaire and billionaire of Africa will not be coming from Oil and Gas sector, they will be coming from the agriculture sector. But i want African countries to be looking at Agriculture as a business not as a way of life. Nobody smokes gas, nobody drink oil but everybody eats food - Akinwumi Adesina President Africa Development Bank "


Designing and the installation of irrigation systems


Designing and Construction of Greenhouses



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